30th Midlife Crisis?

So today’s the day I have started a blog, why I ask myself. I don’t know how to blog, I don’t know what people want to read about my life!

But surely you don’t know if you don’t try?

Me in a nutshell – Workaholic, Party-a-holic, FoodPic-a-holic. I have just turned 30 years of age, I have a great job, fabulous other half, great family and a bunch of wild chicks that I call my best friends – Not bad hey!

This blog is going to include loads of food pics, wild night outs, fabulous holiday snaps, Β and all the other day to day stuff thats make me – ME!

I am excited for day 1 tomorrow. Lets see what happens, its Fizz Friday anything could happen Β – See you Monday! Hahaha!






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