Oh what a night!

Goodness Gracious Me!

You won’t believe it… It finally happened. We have set a date, yes it is 3 years away but it give me enough time to plan MY big day to perfect in every way!!

I have so many ideas running around my head and currently looking at venues, menus and flowers!! Pinterest is going to be my new best friend, there are so many fabulous ideas. I love a theme, they are my idea of heaven, couldn’t think of a better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon, hungover and in bed with a wedding planning…..


Last night was a ball, had a great night – wild as always ‘The Enticer’ plays a big role in these wild nights out, a very bad influence!

I have given my girlies – code names so they are incognito. Also because people can not know who these people are they are totally wild and I am not sharing, I am sure after you read my stories you will want to be in our gang! Look at them who wouldn’t want to be apart of this!!


Back to Venue hunting!! This could be a very difficult task!


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