Oh Deer Oh Deer!

Sunday has arrived already, the day of rest, well it is in my house. Sunday normally means Sunday Roast, Films and sitting in my Jammas all day.

Not today we ventured out today for dinner headed to The Falcon in Hatton, gorgeous food, highly recommend it if you want to have a little drive out some where!

I was adventurous today and wanted to try something new, started with Curried Cauliflower Soup – Gorgeous, really filling though – so thick, defiantly going to give it a whirl myself.

The next new dish was Venison with Pomme Anna and wilted spinach, ummm I am not sure I am keen on Deer, don’t get me wrong its just like Steak… but with a taste of liver. Nice but will probably stick to something more traditional next time!


Finally you can’t go wrong with a sticky toffee pudding can you with clotted cream ice cream and salted caramel sauce – what more can you say apart from delicious.


If you are what you what, then I only want to eat the good stuff. Remy Ratatouille

Love going out for food, but coming home and putting the heating on full blast and sitting watching Sunday TV, is great… reminds me of when I was younger Sunday Night Bath Night ready for school.

Tomorrow is the start of the weekly countdown for me, I am jetting off to Goa, India for two weeks of 28′ heat, total chill out and a dozen Pina Coladas. Just what the doctor ordered. Cant bloody wait.

So guys, another day done and dusted. Speak to you all tomorrow!



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