Mundane Monday! πŸ™„

Well there is not much to report today! 

Very mundane indeed… 

Oooo Apple Yard Steet last night a brand new drama started channel 1 at 9pm! It was blooody brilliant. Along with Taboo on a Saturday if your trying your hardest to stay in they are a good watch! I am meant to be staying in but that’s not panned out very well recently! 

I ❀️ a good drama and there is some much coming up too!  My total favourite Dr Foster! What a programme, can’t wait for that to start again!

Started looking for venues today! I know I know it’s 43 months away but it’s to exciting not to start looking, I have narrowed down my first three venues to look at when I am back from holiday… and also got the ball rolling for the Hen Doooo! 

These things just have to be done!

Monday mundane will come to close with me going to bed and watching a load of saps run around a house and get paid 1000’s..

In the words of Kim Woodburn – Monday you have been a little bitch!

** Click ** Little Bitch!  **  Click**


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