Viva Las Vegas!!

Viva Las Vegas – 3 months to go… I CANT WAIT. This is the one place on the planet, that I have always wanted to go and I am now lucky enough to be going.

There is so much on offer there, I hope we can fit it all in. We are staying for week at the Bellagio, the hotel with the dancing fountains, which I have heard is an event in itself.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 21.08.36.png

We have booked tickets tonight to go and watch Cirque du Soleil  –  click on the link to see a sneak preview, it fabulous.

Something my other half has always wanted to see and has watched every single show on TV, so will be nice for him to watch in person. I think I have sacrificed my Britney Tickets for this show but if makes him happy!

Also on the list – Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, can you imagine seeing this what a site, but costing £500 quid I might just settle for a postcard.

Tips on where to go, if you have any please let me know

  • Places to visit
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs

Comment on this post and I will check them out and add them to the itinerary!







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