Honey I have shrunk your jumper!!

I was a domestic goddess, I am now widow twanky!

I have only gone and shrunk his new Christmas Jumper, ill put it in the wash on a quick cycle on 20 degrees, that will be alright I said… WRONG!

Ruined, would now fit a dwarf and I am totally in the dog house. Whilst Derek is frantically googling how to un shrink woollen jumpers on the iPad. I have been banished to bedroom and I am now watching a transvestite quiz master on Brits Abroad. Oh gosh you do have to laugh.

You should read this shouts,then comes barging into the bedroom waving the iPad around…

What you have to do he says is..

Take the shrunk jumper, place it in bowl of cold water with a cup of hair conditioner and it should go back to size.

Really? Do we ever believe the internet all the day to day rubbish that gets put on there.

Well this time I am praying to god that the Google Master is right!

If not I will be kicking off that I have wasted a brand new bottle Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner!

Any way moving on…… holiday is fast approaching 4 days to go and I have now come to realise, that I am yet to start my beach body look….

So tonight I whipped up a Pork Stir Fry with some noodles and sprinkled it with chilli hoping that would speed up my metabolism and shift 4 stone before Tuesday!


So tonights, fat busting recipe is….

Pork Stir Fry Strips in a bowl, with lazy garlic, chilli, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Let this marinate for 30mins – longer the better.

Cook off the pork and then remove from the Wok, cook off the vegetables and beansprouts and add cooked noodles, re add the pork and give a stir and serve… Dinner done in 20mins MAX!


Lets hope this jumper is back to normal size later else you might not see an entry tomorrow. Hahaha!!! Night All. XX




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