Sister Act!

Well this time I have really done it, I have excelled, beat my personal best…. The mother of hangover’s has been achieved.

I have been bed ridden all day, watching countless episodes of Come Dine With Me, Blindspot, Tina and Bobby and now I have started a new series call ‘Bull’ on Fox its very good, worth a watch.. Well I think it is – I don’t really know what is going on today.

I feel like I am on another planet! hahah!

Whilst thinking the day was the worst day ever. My day was saved by Sister, she flung open the door holding a carrier bag of dreams. The best hangover cure ever, Doritos and Dairy Lea and not forgetting the Chocolate fingers! What a winner. She deserves a medal.


I do have to say I actually can’t wait to go on holiday to chill out for two weeks, recharge and get some sun on my skin. I have been looking at some new restaurant’s to try. I have found some new gems that we haven’t tried before, you should see the food pics, seriously…..  You should see what they have on offer, top quality food for peanuts.

A Reverie –


Antares Restaurant & Beach Club –

Look could you get any better…. Hopefully they live up to the pics.

Tonight is going to the Voice and bed for me. absolutely shattered.



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