Dry January all over again!

Day 2 = alcohol ban! 

Goa is currently going through their 5 year elections! Which means dry 4 days… starting from now until Sunday! 

This is in place so the locals vote correctly and they don’t do when they are drunk and vote in the next Indian Trump! Which means we also have to go through the no alcohol ruling! 

No bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, shops, supermarkets can serve anything! 

To be honest I am not a big holiday drinker, so I am not fussed but Derek on theother hand is going through cold turkey. Only joking! πŸ˜‚

Another great today, we started off at a fabulous French Bakery called Baba Rhum, its is bloody lovely and in a great setting….

Then we headed back to the pool, I was still finding sand from yesterday so no beach today! Hate sand. Another glorious day, sun was shining and not a cloud in sight. Perfect! 

Last night we had dinner in Jamie’s, one of the best places in Goa –  currently in the top 5. We will go there about 4 times whilst we are it’s gorg!

Tonight’s menu is Go with the Flow! Another gem! Which I will tell you all about tomorrow! 

Have a fabulous Thursday! Just think one more sleep till Fizz Friday! 🍾🍾

Well for you lot anyway! Have one for me!

Peace out!


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