Dry Day – day 3

Well we have survived some easier than others! Day three of no alcohol has been reached, tomorrow the bars are back open, the fridges are restocked and it’s time to paint the town red… we’ll have a few! 

Not really a holiday drinker to be honest, I would rather get up early and sit in the sun, than be hanging in this heat, it’s ridiculous! I would probably want to drown myself in the sea.

Yesterday was a very quiet day, was on the beach all day and nipped for some dinner and then home! 

I did have my first πŸ›΅ lesson, which didn’t go to well, I couldntreally get to grips with the whole braking thing! Who thought squeezing an break would be so difficult, I will have another try later! If I am allowed.

Few snaps from the back of the bike from yesterday, you can get the gist of what the roads are like! 

Totally crazy, no rules, no signs, no indications just pure barking-ness! 


So as I sit back and watch the waves! Have a fabulous weekend! 



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