Cocktails and Dreams!

Yesterday mostly involved cocktails! As the last dry came to an end all we wanted was a couple of drinks, which turned into drinking most of the day!

We went and found the Hard Rock Hotel, amazing! We have booked to stay there on Friday and go to the pool party there on Saturday! £15 quid for 4 hours of unlimited drink and food… including CHAMPAGNE! 

How can you say no to that! 

The hotel is very swish and they do a fantastic cocktail called Twisted Coconut Parm Trees! BEST EVER!

After having a couple of hours around the pool we ventured to see the new kid on the block Cafe Fiori… very very impressed. It was magnificent… we had starters and mains and couple of cocktails and it cost us £28.. it was fabulous! Chicken tenders and pulled pork tacos to start and then belly pork and lobster and fillet surf and turf… and two cocktails, apple martini and a mudslide…very splendid night! 

After the rather boozy cocktails, we ventured up to Titos Road, basically the pub and club strip, full of drunk tourists and very drunk locals, funny to watch they arnt good with drinking copious amounts of Kingfisher Beer, highly amusing to watch them stumble around in the soaking wet clothes, sometimes just their pants where they have tried to do a seen from Baywatch in the dark!

Couple of vodkas and shots of kamazie later we stumbled to the taxi and came home tucked up by 11.30 and woke with a cracking headache this morning, nothing a warm crossiant smothered in Nutella won’t sort right out… 
Oh shits it’s Monday! Don’t work to hard people! 😉


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