Lots of hair darling!!! šŸ˜³

So whilst basking in the sun yesterday, I was as accosted by my friend Tina, she came at me with a piece of cotton in her mouth, Alex darling lots of hair she said whilst stroking my legs!

Please note, there wasn’t loads of hair, just some stubble from the previous shave the day before!

You are not coming any where near me with that – no chance! I can just about get my eyebrows done at home, so bat in hells chance of her threading my legs! After battling for 15 mins and her saying she will try a little area for FREE! 

We settled on a French plait….

Which cost me Ā£1 for each of them, bottle of Coke, orange juice, chicken fried rice and a nann bread. Oh and a bottle of water!

So after a day in the sun, we had booked a table in a fabulous restaurant called A Reverie. You should have seen the food!!  Oh my gosh! It was 5* quality! 

Don’t get me wrong it was triple what we normally pay! Ā£78 quid!!! 

But the food was nuts! 



And finally… pudding! 

Black Forest And Banoffe! 

This was some of the best food I have eaten….

Today we are heading to a beach called Small Vagitor, which is lovely a quiet and I shouldn’t be attaked with a sewing kit and coming home bold….

To be continued….. 


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