Not rocking my world…😩

Today has been spent at the Hard Rock Hotel… well I have to say my world has not been rocked.

Arrived around lunch time checked in, room wasn’t ready so headed to the pool for a drink and sunbathe, room was ready a couple of hours later, ventured up. Room is nice, but only nice £120 a night I was expecting something a bit better, but I suppose you are paying for the brand. 

Lovely bed, mattress is great definitely sleep well tonight, but it feels to much like a hotel, if that makes sense! 

Back round the pool had a spot of lunch which was great we went for the beef burger and I had a chicken ceaser salad and the service was brilliant really attentive and quick!

The pool is fabulous aswell!

But that’s where that finishes….. 

Headed to the restaurant for dinner, found some where to sit where we waited for 20 mins for a someone to even ask if we wanted a drink or bring a menu!!! 

Then to be asked out room number 4 times by 3 different people, still no drink or menu!

When we finally had a look, very big menu but nothing that stood out. So we had soup for starters.

Very exciting 🙄

Grilled chicken with mash and garlic spinach, he didn’t moan so must have been okay! 

I went for garlic Mushroom tagatelli pasta with chicken, the cream had split, 3 little bits of chicken and 2 mushrooms, sent it back and asked for it to be taken on the bill, 15 mins later another bowl of pasta turned up, last thing I wanted to see. Got sent straight back.

The bill came with added drinks and drinks that were added by accident, so had to go threw it and check everything off! Not good.

I am not sitting in the bar watching a cracking band and starving! Early night ready for the pool party tomorrow, let’s hope it’s better than tonight’s drama!

Hard Rock not that great! 😩


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