Hangover –  pt 2 ðŸ˜©

So yesterday was a hungover blur and with only two days left totally waste of a day! 

We went to the high brunch at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday which was fabulous! Paid £15 each and had unlimited cocktails and beers and fabulous lunchtime buffet and if you want to go the £18 package you could have unlimited campagne, which I took full advantage of from 12.30 till 4pm. 


Great day but gets very very busy. If you want to get a good spot then you need to head there about 11am but a lot of the beds were saved by towels from the guests of the hotel.

We then headed up to the Saturday night market, I love it there it’s great market and has such a fabulous atmosphere. I would says it’s definitely a must when your here!

The choice of stalls, bars, the food stands cover everything from Indian traditional dishes, Mexican, pizza, cakes, ice cream and my favourite Chicken Shawama! The queue is always crazy for this stand but for 4 quid it’s bloody lovely!


We stayed till 4am in the bar which had a DJ  and was jam packed… definitely a place to visit.

So yesterday consisted of a late alarm call, jumped on the bike and visited the Sky Lark Beach Shack on Baga Beach, in my opinion the best food served on the beach. 

English Sauasge and Bacon with fried onions in a crusty roll… SUPER! 🥖🥓

Then back to the hotel for a snooze and to Cuba Bar for Sunday Lunch. We had chicken and beef, mash, roasts, loadsof different  vegetables  and the biggest Yorkshire ever!!!! 

For 500 rupees each it was lovely, they serve after 3pm on a Sunday and some times you have to book as they sell out.

Hangover in 31 degrees heat, isn’t the best idea but I had a great day so 10000% worth it.

Carrot 🥕 oil is out and I have two days to turn into a golden brown beach goddess!! 😂😂😂😂


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