I’ve being dieting all morning…. Am I skinny yet!

So its that time again…. Slimming World Time.

No matter how may times we try we always slip back into our old ways and eat everything in sight in 60 seconds flat…

I am back on that wagon and this time I am hopefully strapped in – TIGHT!

So day one, has been great. Food Diary complete, shopping in the fridge, meal plan done and I am thinking about the Chip Shop!!!! Hahaha –  that was a joke by the way.

Anyone who has done Slimming World before will know about the wonderful gems that are ScanBran, the fibre overload stomach fillers. Its hard to imagine that you are eating a lovely slice of crusty bread covered in butter, but smothered in philly and parma ham they are lovely and super filling.

Scan Bran!!!!!!!

With lunch being leftovers from last night. Pulled Pork Chilli and Salad and fruit salad with natural yogurt.

Swapped normal rice for Cauliflower Rice, which is nice BUT you do have to cover it in herbs or spices. Its very very bland and can turn really soggy. Nice though and some extra speed food wouldn’t harm.

Pulled Pork Chilli and Cauli Rice.

A slow cooker is an actual god send. Whack everything in and leave it. Jobs a gooden.

Pulled Pork Chilli Recipe


Pork Loin, Chilli Kidney Beans, Tinned Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers

In the Slow cooker for the day, turn off an hour or so before you want to eat, shred the pork and serve! Lovely!!

Finished the day on 6syns and happy and full.

Peace out.


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