So as you were all aware I have joined Slimming World for the millionth time and I am determined this time to make sure I stay in plan……

Week 1 = Failure.

Everyone knows  I love a Friday after work pub session but this week I was determined that I was swapping the fizz for a focused dieting weekend.

Well that went totally to pot. I had a 5 minute conversation with the other half at 4.35pm on Friday, 5.10pm I was in the pub sinking a glass of Pinot a large glass…. followed by another large glass and another and another, then a jaeger then a vodka and diet coke (pat myself on the back)… Absolutely hopeless.

Totally deflated when I got up on Saturday and with horrendous hangover kicking in, I needed to raid the fridge, so with as stumbled in to the kitchen opened the fridge, really wanted a bacon sandwich, but settled for a syn free brunch – Cajun Chicken, Orzo Pasta Salad, Spinach and Celery!


Headed back to bed for 3 hours of pure Disney and a snooze!

Dinner time was another success – Slab of meat and some veggies! – Still trying to cancel out the wine from Friday…



Couple of great films we watched and would recommend – Passengers and Hidden Figures. Brilliant films, really good watch. I don’t do scifi, aliens, ufos but this time I was impressed and Hidden Figures based on a true story – 10/10

Hidden Figures  watch the trailer
Passengers Trailer

Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, not for me.. Up early, breakfast cooked, washing done, food shop and dinner done.  I am not a massive fan of Sunday Dinner, I always cook it and when it comes to eating it, two mouthfuls and I am done. So I went for lamb cutlets, Moroccan spices cauli couscous and mint raita salad…. Bloody Marvellous!


I will pop the recipe on another post so you can try it for yourself.

SO now time to chill. Ready for another working week and another weekend on the pop – celebrating one of my favourites birthdays. Cant wait for a day with the girlies!

Have a lovely evening.. ❤




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