The journey has begun! 

So week 1 has been and gone and I am pleased to say I lost 4 1/2lb. I am over the moon and the journey has now begun! 

So this week has been very lonely week. The other has been working in London Town, so been home alone! 😩

When your cooking for one, I always think what is the point, so I have been to my Nans for dinner which was far from slimming friendly, lovely but Beef in peppcorn sauce with buttered vegetables followed by a cream chocolate eclair, does not help the scales!

But I pulled it out the bag and I won #freefoodfeb which means I can now wear my brand new sparkling new apron whilst whipping up my slimming world delights! 

So that’s it back in the zone and food shop tomorrow so I don’t fall of the wagon whilst I am in a hungover state over the weekend. Celebrating quirksters birthday all day with the girls! Fabulous! 

Have a lovely weekend! 💗


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