30 bloody 1 🙄

How did that happen. I’ve reached 31 the last year has flew… surely it can’t be that long since my last birthday.

The older we get the quicker the years fly by?

I’ve had another fabulous weekend, celebrated with my nearest and dearest and got totally spoilt.

From now on I will be drying my hair with a Dyson, I said this was over priced and a rip off when I first saw this…. but after borrowing one when my old piece of tat decided to blow up before a Saturday night outing. I have totally changed my mind. Makes your hair shiny and drys in super quick time! Expensive but I would say worth it.

Also jumping on the Alexa bandwagon with Amazon Echo Show. Not really played with it yes as I have spent most of my birthday hanging out my A**E. Finished off the weekend with a trip to Birmingham today for some cracking pasta in San Carlos

Lovely but after a weekend on the pop – Monday is 1000% worst when you are getting Barged out the way by millions of people trying to purchase things they don’t need.

Finally back home. Heating on. Dressing gown on. Heaven.


Buuuurrr! ❄️

Winter is coming! Aaaattttcchhoooo!

I can’t afford to be ill this week… I have a super social weekend coming up – Works Christmas Party and 21st birthday celebrations for my sister!

Lemsip and bed was the plan tonight. Got in for work whipped up dinner and washed up.

As I was putting away the dishes as l close the cupboard door. Crash, bang, wallop!

The whole cupboard and cutlery draw falls apart. All I need. Saucepans and spoons everywhere! This is all I need a runny nose, banging headache and a cough.

So as I snuggled down for the night… next minute Handy Andy arrives next door and DIY starts. Who in their right mind starts clambering about on a Monday night.

Actually maybe they could come and fix cupboard…

Bedtime for me! Night all ❤️

Where there’s a blame there’s a claim!


Well………..I have only gone and taken a call today from the ITV asking for me and Derek to be on the Judge Rinder Christmas Special. They found my blog from January when I shrunk the Christmas jumper.. that dreaded Christmas Jumper that still looks me in the face when I go in the wardrobe.

Where there’s a blame there’s a claim

I could be on every TV show going with what goes on in my life. This phone call has sparked my love again for my blog.

Blazday’s is back!

Next stop – This Morning, Jeremy Kyle,  Loose Woman…. Even Flog it!

Home sweet home. 🏡

So today we go back to sunny Coventry! Two weeks has passed and I have had the most amazing time.

I am surprised that the time has gone steady, normally two weeks flies by, we were talking last night and we are defiantly going to look at booking for 3 weeks for next year – if I can with work, so we will see.

Last night we went back to Cafe Fiori for our last meal… chicken tenders and belly pork!

So good and if you havnt gone, please go you will be booking for another visit whilst your here.

Back to the Skylark today for the last few hours of sun and some lunch then to do the dreading packing. To be honest I hardly take things out the case, of course the easy crease items but everything can stay put.

The holiday has been great and I have enjoyed every minute!

Next break is in May – Vegas for 7 days! Let’s see what that has to offer!