Christmas is complete πŸŽ„

Finished, Finito, Over and out.

I have completed my Christmas shopping. My spare room looks like the Royal Mail sorting office but everything has arrived or on its way!

Never have I been so organised. Normally running around with all the clueless men Christmas Eve grabbing last bits. So totally surprised myself.

Now to employ an elf to help with the wrapping. 🎁

This year I am going to be spending Christmas in India, never ventured further than Mother Hens for the big day. So this is going to be interesting. Christmas on the beach. Excited but a bit apprehensive but actually can’t wait.

Countdown is on with 6 weeks to go.

Been searching for my beach body. Not happened only thing I have found is my beach ball look.

Absolutely no will power whatsoever. Jumped off the scales and fell in to KFC tonight.

Why the bloody hell did that happen. I tell you why… because I am weak. Going to bed hating myself. But back on the plan tomorrow. She says!

Onwards and upwards!


Slow Cooker Porky Chilli

The easiest Chilli ever to make! Slow cooker winner!



  • Pork Loin
  • Mushrooms πŸ„ 
  • Pepper – red and yellow 
  • Onion
  • Courgette πŸ₯’
  • Kidney beans in Chilli 
  • Tinned Tomato πŸ… 
  • 1 tsp Chilli flakes
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 2 tsp Mixed herbs
  • 2 tsp paprika

This is easy! Put all the above in the slower cooker and cook on low for 5/6 hours! 

Shread the pork and serve with rice 🍚 

The journey has begun!Β 

So week 1 has been and gone and I am pleased to say I lost 4 1/2lb. I am over the moon and the journey has now begun! 

So this week has been very lonely week. The other has been working in London Town, so been home alone! 😩

When your cooking for one, I always think what is the point, so I have been to my Nans for dinner which was far from slimming friendly, lovely but Beef in peppcorn sauce with buttered vegetables followed by a cream chocolate eclair, does not help the scales!

But I pulled it out the bag and I won #freefoodfeb which means I can now wear my brand new sparkling new apron whilst whipping up my slimming world delights! 

So that’s it back in the zone and food shop tomorrow so I don’t fall of the wagon whilst I am in a hungover state over the weekend. Celebrating quirksters birthday all day with the girls! Fabulous! 

Have a lovely weekend! πŸ’—

Total wipeout…

So yesterday totally wiped me out sunstroke…

There has been such a breeze here the last two days, the wind is blowing, the sea is is like a wave machine, you don’t realise you can get burnt the way I did…

I would say I sat in the sun for an hour or two totally fine, decided to do last half hour tan push about 4.30 and bang! Burnt to a crisp…

Shakes, cold, headache! Totally wiped me out! 

Must have been ill, didn’t even manage dinner! 

Look at the state of my wind swept hair!!! 

So today I am tucked away in the shade under an umbrella about to have a snooze, so I am raring to go tomorrow.

We are going to another fabulous new restaurant tonight which again I am excited about. I’ll share the snaps later or tomorrow.

Have a lovely Tuesday! 🌞

Cocktails and Dreams!

Yesterday mostly involved cocktails! As the last dry came to an end all we wanted was a couple of drinks, which turned into drinking most of the day!

We went and found the Hard Rock Hotel, amazing! We have booked to stay there on Friday and go to the pool party there on Saturday! Β£15 quid for 4 hours of unlimited drink and food… including CHAMPAGNE! 

How can you say no to that! 

The hotel is very swish and they do a fantastic cocktail called Twisted Coconut Parm Trees! BEST EVER!

After having a couple of hours around the pool we ventured to see the new kid on the block Cafe Fiori… very very impressed. It was magnificent… we had starters and mains and couple of cocktails and it cost us Β£28.. it was fabulous! Chicken tenders and pulled pork tacos to start and then belly pork and lobster and fillet surf and turf… and two cocktails, apple martini and a mudslide…very splendid night! 

After the rather boozy cocktails, we ventured up to Titos Road, basically the pub and club strip, full of drunk tourists and very drunk locals, funny to watch they arnt good with drinking copious amounts of Kingfisher Beer, highly amusing to watch them stumble around in the soaking wet clothes, sometimes just their pants where they have tried to do a seen from Baywatch in the dark!

Couple of vodkas and shots of kamazie later we stumbled to the taxi and came home tucked up by 11.30 and woke with a cracking headache this morning, nothing a warm crossiant smothered in Nutella won’t sort right out… 
Oh shits it’s Monday! Don’t work to hard people! πŸ˜‰

Dry Day – day 3

Well we have survived some easier than others! Day three of no alcohol has been reached, tomorrow the bars are back open, the fridges are restocked and it’s time to paint the town red… we’ll have a few! 

Not really a holiday drinker to be honest, I would rather get up early and sit in the sun, than be hanging in this heat, it’s ridiculous! I would probably want to drown myself in the sea.

Yesterday was a very quiet day, was on the beach all day and nipped for some dinner and then home! 

I did have my first πŸ›΅ lesson, which didn’t go to well, I couldntreally get to grips with the whole braking thing! Who thought squeezing an break would be so difficult, I will have another try later! If I am allowed.

Few snaps from the back of the bike from yesterday, you can get the gist of what the roads are like! 

Totally crazy, no rules, no signs, no indications just pure barking-ness! 


So as I sit back and watch the waves! Have a fabulous weekend! 


Come fly with me!

Today’s the day! I am jetting off. Currently sitting in the airport waiting to board. This has got to be the best bit, knowing your going to be landing in a different country ready for an adventure! 

So the next 9 hours will be flying high and I will catch up with you all very soon and keep you updated.

Peace out!