Viva Las Vegas!!

Viva Las Vegas – 3 months to go… I CANT WAIT. This is the one place on the planet, that I have always wanted to go and I am now lucky enough to be going.

There is so much on offer there, I hope we can fit it all in. We are staying for week at the Bellagio, the hotel with the dancing fountains, which I have heard is an event in itself.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 21.08.36.png

We have booked tickets tonight to go and watch Cirque du Soleil  –  click on the link to see a sneak preview, it fabulous.

Something my other half has always wanted to see and has watched every single show on TV, so will be nice for him to watch in person. I think I have sacrificed my Britney Tickets for this show but if makes him happy!

Also on the list – Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, can you imagine seeing this what a site, but costing £500 quid I might just settle for a postcard.

Tips on where to go, if you have any please let me know

  • Places to visit
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and clubs

Comment on this post and I will check them out and add them to the itinerary!







Mundane Monday! 🙄

Well there is not much to report today! 

Very mundane indeed… 

Oooo Apple Yard Steet last night a brand new drama started channel 1 at 9pm! It was blooody brilliant. Along with Taboo on a Saturday if your trying your hardest to stay in they are a good watch! I am meant to be staying in but that’s not panned out very well recently! 

I ❤️ a good drama and there is some much coming up too!  My total favourite Dr Foster! What a programme, can’t wait for that to start again!

Started looking for venues today! I know I know it’s 43 months away but it’s to exciting not to start looking, I have narrowed down my first three venues to look at when I am back from holiday… and also got the ball rolling for the Hen Doooo! 

These things just have to be done!

Monday mundane will come to close with me going to bed and watching a load of saps run around a house and get paid 1000’s..

In the words of Kim Woodburn – Monday you have been a little bitch!

** Click ** Little Bitch!  **  Click**

Oh Deer Oh Deer!

Sunday has arrived already, the day of rest, well it is in my house. Sunday normally means Sunday Roast, Films and sitting in my Jammas all day.

Not today we ventured out today for dinner headed to The Falcon in Hatton, gorgeous food, highly recommend it if you want to have a little drive out some where!

I was adventurous today and wanted to try something new, started with Curried Cauliflower Soup – Gorgeous, really filling though – so thick, defiantly going to give it a whirl myself.

The next new dish was Venison with Pomme Anna and wilted spinach, ummm I am not sure I am keen on Deer, don’t get me wrong its just like Steak… but with a taste of liver. Nice but will probably stick to something more traditional next time!


Finally you can’t go wrong with a sticky toffee pudding can you with clotted cream ice cream and salted caramel sauce – what more can you say apart from delicious.


If you are what you what, then I only want to eat the good stuff. Remy Ratatouille

Love going out for food, but coming home and putting the heating on full blast and sitting watching Sunday TV, is great… reminds me of when I was younger Sunday Night Bath Night ready for school.

Tomorrow is the start of the weekly countdown for me, I am jetting off to Goa, India for two weeks of 28′ heat, total chill out and a dozen Pina Coladas. Just what the doctor ordered. Cant bloody wait.

So guys, another day done and dusted. Speak to you all tomorrow!


Oh what a night!

Goodness Gracious Me!

You won’t believe it… It finally happened. We have set a date, yes it is 3 years away but it give me enough time to plan MY big day to perfect in every way!!

I have so many ideas running around my head and currently looking at venues, menus and flowers!! Pinterest is going to be my new best friend, there are so many fabulous ideas. I love a theme, they are my idea of heaven, couldn’t think of a better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon, hungover and in bed with a wedding planning…..


Last night was a ball, had a great night – wild as always ‘The Enticer’ plays a big role in these wild nights out, a very bad influence!

I have given my girlies – code names so they are incognito. Also because people can not know who these people are they are totally wild and I am not sharing, I am sure after you read my stories you will want to be in our gang! Look at them who wouldn’t want to be apart of this!!


Back to Venue hunting!! This could be a very difficult task!

Fizz Fri-yay!

We’ve made it Friday! The last working day of the week, which means one thing Fizzy Friday in my world.

Time to kick back and chill out for the weekend, that will fly by in 20 seconds flat. Before you know it’s Monday! 

Weekend plans. Celebrating my gorgeous friends Snape Q’s birthday tonight, probably dying from a hangover tomorrow which will result in me ordering the whole of the Domino’s and slipping into a carb coma whilst watching Disney! 

Have wild Friday night and make memories!

Pork’in Hell…🐷

Hard to imagine that a sausage could be trending, well if you havnt heard of porky lights or even managed to get your trotters on a pack! You need to.

 1/2yn per sausage!!!! it’s absolutely crazy!

 They taste like a proper banger and you can eat a whole pack for three syns and not feel guilty! 

Oink oink! 

30th Midlife Crisis?

So today’s the day I have started a blog, why I ask myself. I don’t know how to blog, I don’t know what people want to read about my life!

But surely you don’t know if you don’t try?

Me in a nutshell – Workaholic, Party-a-holic, FoodPic-a-holic. I have just turned 30 years of age, I have a great job, fabulous other half, great family and a bunch of wild chicks that I call my best friends – Not bad hey!

This blog is going to include loads of food pics, wild night outs, fabulous holiday snaps,  and all the other day to day stuff thats make me – ME!

I am excited for day 1 tomorrow. Lets see what happens, its Fizz Friday anything could happen  – See you Monday! Hahaha!