Fizz Fri-yay!

We’ve made it Friday! The last working day of the week, which means one thing Fizzy Friday in my world.

Time to kick back and chill out for the weekend, that will fly by in 20 seconds flat. Before you know it’s Monday! 

Weekend plans. Celebrating my gorgeous friends Snape Q’s birthday tonight, probably dying from a hangover tomorrow which will result in me ordering the whole of the Domino’s and slipping into a carb coma whilst watching Disney! 

Have wild Friday night and make memories!


Pork’in Hell…🐷

Hard to imagine that a sausage could be trending, well if you havnt heard of porky lights or even managed to get your trotters on a pack! You need to.

 1/2yn per sausage!!!! it’s absolutely crazy!

 They taste like a proper banger and you can eat a whole pack for three syns and not feel guilty! 

Oink oink! 

30th Midlife Crisis?

So today’s the day I have started a blog, why I ask myself. I don’t know how to blog, I don’t know what people want to read about my life!

But surely you don’t know if you don’t try?

Me in a nutshell – Workaholic, Party-a-holic, FoodPic-a-holic. I have just turned 30 years of age, I have a great job, fabulous other half, great family and a bunch of wild chicks that I call my best friends – Not bad hey!

This blog is going to include loads of food pics, wild night outs, fabulous holiday snaps,  and all the other day to day stuff thats make me – ME!

I am excited for day 1 tomorrow. Lets see what happens, its Fizz Friday anything could happen  – See you Monday! Hahaha!